Play school business plan in india

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How to Open a school in India

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Shri Educare

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Structuring A Playschool Business In India

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How to Start a Play School

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Ranked 10 th among Top Private B-Schools of India - Careers 360, 2017

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Starting a Preschool Business in India

DoonKids is a leading Play school in India and selling it’s Franchise in different parts of India. Nowadays Play School Business is growing at a very high speed.

So take this Business opportunity as this is the very peak season for new session. Jan 10,  · Many play schools have come up in recent times. The different ways adapted by people are: 1) Choosing a Preschool / Play school Franchisor. There are as many as franchisors offering their brand name and support to those who want to start a play school in India.5/5(35).

In India a school is considered a non-profit initiative but the business opportunities available in this case are substantially low.

Several NGOs working in the domain of education have stated that in Delhi at least 14 lakh kids get admitted to schools in different classes every year.5/5(57).

Play school business plan in india
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