Convention hall business plan

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Houston Meetings

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Starting a Convention Center Business

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Directions and Parking

The venue was the perfect size and the ambiance created a great feel for our event. We appreciate the friendly and professional staff. The food was delicious, which we were able to customize for our event. This convention gets better each year.

Come meet with leaders in your areas of practice and join the lively exchanges that take place during the more than events at the convention.


The SECC is an international standard facility capable of satisfying the requirements of national and international conventions, large scale public and trade exhibitions, corporate.

Aug 20,  · He echoed the sentiment of Visit Milwaukee chairman Omar Shaikh, who addressed the convention center expansion during the Milwaukee Business Journal’s Aug. 17 event, the Business of Growing.

The Sacramento Convention Center Complex C3 Project. The City of Sacramento and partners have embarked on the renovation and expansion of the Sacramento Convention Center, the Memorial Auditorium, and the Community Center Theater, known as the C3 more about these projects phisigmasigmafiu.comout the Convention Center Complex (CCC).

Every business should have a business plan, and a conference center is no exception. A well-written plan not only succinctly describes the business to an outsider, but also provides a reference document for the business owner to monitor progress toward the stated objectives.

Convention hall business plan
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