Bungee jumping trampoline business plans

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Trampoline Jumper

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Starting Your Own Bungee Jumping Business

Bungee Trampoline Sales are part of the group of Companies consisting of Airmax Inflatables Limited and Bounce zone Ireland which have specialised in the Leisure Industry for in excess of twenty five years. The Bungee Trampoline is an extreme sport of jumping while strapped to a bungee cord that propels you high into the air!

It’s fun for everyone do you dare?! Must meet weight requirements (between 20 lbs.

Starting Your Own Bungee Jumping Business

–. Hi, I wanted to start a bungee jumping business in POONA. questions;1) size in length & breadth of bungee jumping on floor for kids. 2) approx pricing for POONA including delivery. 3) what should be the minimum ticket for same.

Bungee Trampoline systems can be either mobile or stationary, for indoor and outdoor use. The Bungee Trampoline is a safe and accessible way for children and adults to experience all the thrills of acrobatics and Bungee jumping, but with none of the risks.

Creating a Trampoline Park Franchise Business Plan There are several different business plans (business models) in the trampoline park jumping space. You will need to research your demographic market to zero in on exactly who your customer base should be.

Get inverted on our Trampoline Jumper! Soar to new heights in Schweitzer village on our new bungee trampoline system! Our crew fit you to a special harness and attach you to a system of bungees.

Bungee jumping trampoline business plans
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